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Zakira's Garage under New Management!

We're holding our first Open House under new management on October 21st, noon- 4pm - rain or shine!

What will you see?

 The building

Built in 1954 with a nondescript, modest exterior reminiscent of a small town library, 6219 Wooster doesn't look like much at all. In fact, you almost have to squint to see the business sign on the outside. But once you walk in, the magic begins...

The interior walls are lined with tiles, each nook and cranny holds something of automotive interest and old banners, photos and drawings are found throughout. You'll find everything from a doctor's single horse carriage to a genuine London phone booth - neither of which you see every day. Heck, you may even find some cool cars and motorcycles scattered throughout the shop!

If you haven't visited us before, you're most definitely in for a real treat...

The services and equipment

The entire Garage will be open for visitors. We have a world class machine shop with which we're able to machine entire engines from just drawings and hunks of raw metal.

Our engine shop has everything from a Magnaflux magnetic particle inspection (a very sensitive, nondestructive test method used to identify defects on metal surfaces) to a water-brake Heenan-Froude engine dyno.

You'll also see equipment in our body shop you're not going to see just anywhere, like an original Ranalah English wheel. It's bright red and beautiful in its own right and, in the hands of the right artist, can create curves that would put Marilyn Monroe to shame.

 The Garage is full of an eclectic mix of vintage and state of the art equipment. Some of our machinery is older than many of our customers and still running tried and true, like our Cincinnati 4-head drill press.

The Garage is also equipped with state of the art machines, like our 3-axis CNC machine. We plan to have a few of these machines up and running so you can see the amazing things they can do. And, if things go as planned, we might even have some interactive demonstrations.

The cars

We've arranged for a number of our customer cars to be on display. There a good chance you will see a beautiful black 1953 Jaguar XK120, a cherry 1937 Oldsmobile sedan and a 1966 Corvette race car. One of our favorite cars, an immaculate SDSP Chevrolet-powered Indy roadster (pictured here), will be in the shop. We plan to have many more on display as well.

You'll also be able to see our new shop vehicle, a 1950's race car called the George Beavis Special. Runs a 110 dual carb Offy engine - we believe it may be the only one in existence to run chain cam drive.

OK, well, you'll sort of see it - currently it's in many pieces in many boxes. We'll be restoring it over the next year from little more than what you see on the right.

Why should you go?

•    You'll get to eat some great street food.

•    You'll get to see all sorts of cool cars.

•    You can enter a drawing to win a fun prize by identifying the vehicle or engine associated with an item we'll have on display at the open house. Could be a photo, could be an emblem, could be anything. But that's part of the fun, isn't it?

•    You'll get to watch interesting demos and videos.

•    You'll see several restoration projects in process.

•    You'll see some of the drawings and patterns from our legendary Harry A. Miller collection.

•    You'll get to meet the entire Zakira's team, including Josh Shaw, who'll be making the trip down from Michigan just for this event.

But MOST importantly of all, you'll see old friends - and make new ones.

And that's really what this is all about, isn't it?

The bottom line...

We realize this announcement gives short notice but we hope to see you at our 2018 Open House nonetheless. We promise you'll leave smiling!

As always, if you need anything automotive, please call us at 513-272-2229, email us at, check out or just stop by the shop 8am-5pm Monday through Friday in Fairfax at 6219 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227.

We thank you for your continued business and we're excited to see you at our 2018 Open House!

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